Traditional Thai Massage Canberra

For more than two-and-a-half millennia, and before the city of Canberra even existed, people have enjoyed the benefits of Thai massage techniques. Developed back in the mists of history by Buddhist monks, it is perhaps even-more relevant to our modern world, due to its many stresses and strains.

What benefits can you gain from a Thai massage?

Imagine the relief to be gained when those muscular aches and pains are relieved. Add to that a gentle alleviation of any physical or emotional tensions that can unfavourably impact on both your work and home life. Match that with a more relaxed set of muscles, increased in their flexibility. Know that, at the same time, these massage therapies are improving your circulation and stimulating your lymphatic system, such an important part of your body's immune system.

Taking you, quite vigorously, through the Thai massage process

Thai massage stretches and presses your body's key energy points, but without the use of sticky lotions or hard-to-remove oils. Really important news for those who want to feel really comfortable during the process is that, for a traditional Thai massage, there is no need to remove your clothing. Simply wear something loose fitting that also helps you to feel comfortable.

Our highly qualified masseur might crouch over you, or even stand on top of you - yes, Thai massage can be quite a vigorous and thoroughly stimulating process! Our masseur uses their body weight to carefully place your limbs into different positions. The process has even been called 'lazy person's yoga' as you don't need to make the effort yourself!

Our pro Thai masseur will then knuckle down to their task - literally - firmly pulling your toes and even, yes, cracking your knuckles (it's so satisfying). But this will only be a small part of a total experience that is hypnotically rhythmical and utterly relaxing.

How you'll feel after your Canberra Pro Thais traditional massage

We know your first experience can be slightly unusual, but it offers a wonderful outcome, for example offering help with chronic back and shoulder pain. The same can be true with those horrible tension headaches; as it can leave you notably soothed and much less tense.

Thai massage helps to increase your energy flow - tight and cramped muscles, which often leave you feeling stiff, sore and even grumpy, are thoroughly relaxed. This releases blocked energy, expands those muscles, and increases vital blood flow around your body, leaving you feeling more alive, flexible and ready to face the challenges of your busy Canberra lifestyle.

Enjoying that Pro Thais massage experience

We're ready to relax and relieve, sooth, invigorate, and enhance, Monday through Friday from 10am to 9pm at our convenient Barker Street, Griffiths location. You can book your appointment here (ADD LINK), giving a vital boost to your hectic lifestyle. If you have any questions, simply call our friendly, helpful and professional team on (02) 61564755.

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