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Sports massage from Pro Thais massage is a therapy that’s designed for all athletes, from weekend joggers to world-class professionals. Usually, the particulars of the massage technique depend on an athlete’s sport of choice, but typically the treatment focuses more on areas of the body which are stressed and overused due to repetitive and aggressive movements.

Sports massage gives a wide range of benefits to athletes and can be used during training or rehabilitation, both pre-and post-performance. If you are searching for a way to enhance your athletic performance, then this massage could be perfect for you.

Designed entirely for the physically active, this form of massage incorporates techniques from different massage styles to offer a deep, rehabilitating process. It manipulates soft tissue to elevate muscle, prevent injury and get rid of stress. This massage is beneficial to gym goers, athletes and anyone who is desk-bound. The experience differs from one individual to another depending on their aggravations or injuries.

Categories of sports massage

Pre-performance massage stimulates body areas that are always exerted during an exercising session, and should be administered about 30 minutes before an event. Post-performance massage is received approximately 2 hours after you undertake physical activity and assists to normalise the tissue. Rehabilitative treatment helps alleviate pain caused by injuries and normalises the affected body tissue. Finally, restoration is received when one is training and wishes to boost their performance. This aids further training and prevents injuries.

As much as the treatment experience varies, the reasons behind the need for sports massage vary too. If you have ongoing conditions like tense shoulders due to sitting or tight calves resulting from running, or if you have sustained an injury after an accident or sprain, sports massage will offer the relief you desire.

Unlike full body massage, our therapist will focus on certain areas of your body after conducting an assessment before the treatment. During the evaluation, the therapist will rely on various exercises that will allow them to observe your flexibility, posture and symmetry, joint and muscle mobility along with other resistive, passive and active movements.

How sports massage feels

Our therapists are trained to search for your pain threshold, and then work on the muscle or joint while asking you to breathe to manage discomfort. The trained and licensed experts predominantly use myofascial release methods to stretch the fascia. This is a hollow fibrous network of tissues made of collagen and elastin which surrounds the bones, muscles, organs as well as tendons in the body. Physical trauma and poor posture can make the fascia hard and lose its elasticity, leading to reduced flexibility.

By a combination of stretching and manipulation during a sports massage therapy session, the fascia and surrounding tissue will regain flexibility and motion. Your therapist may also use advanced techniques like muscle energy, trigger point work, and soft tissue release.

Sports massage is helpful and should be considered by any athlete - though you may initially feel slight soreness, the treatment will leave you with a range of long-lasting benefits. If you live in Canberra, contact Pro Thais Massage today to book your first appointment.

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